Take out a loan – Lending honest about borrowing money cheaply.

Taking out a loan is not something you do every day. That is why it is important to check whether you have the right provider when taking out a loan. How? We are happy to explain that to you. Whether it is borrowing 1000 USD or borrowing 50000 USD. It is always about taking out an advantageous loan. A loan that you pay back quickly, with a low interest rate. The question is of course only, where can you find these loans? How can you ensure that you find the right provider? And where can you independently compare loans?

Get a loan

Get a loan

In order to find out what kind of loan you want, it is first important to properly map out your wishes with the credit. Do you want to be able to make additional payments in the meantime? Can you repay the loan earlier? Do you want a fixed interest rate? Or do you opt for variable interest? And do you immediately need the entire amount? Or do you want to keep the money more at hand. These are the minimum questions to answer before requesting quotes. You can then simply choose whether you want a revolving credit or a personal loan. Once you know this, you can take out your loan in a more targeted manner.

Taking out revolving credit

Taking out revolving credit

If you are going to borrow money, you can choose from different types of credit. If you opt for a revolving credit, as already indicated, you have a flexible form of borrowing money. You can make redemptions in your loan whenever you want and as much as you want. Have you accidentally paid too much? Then you can also make withdrawals from your loan. A revolving credit is really the most flexible form of borrowing money.

Take out a personal loan

Take out a personal loan

If you prefer more security in your loan, it can be a very good option to take out a personal loan. A personal loan is in fact a loan form with a fixed interest, a fixed monthly term and therefore also a fixed term. You agree with the bank in advance in how many months you will repay the loan. This can vary from 12 months to 180 months. The disadvantage of taking out a personal loan may be that a fine will be charged for early repayment.

Take out mini loan

A mini-loan is the only commercial form of taking out a loan without an assessment with the BKR. Even with a negative registration, you can simply take out a mini loan. In addition to this advantage, the assessment of a loan application is also extra smooth. This increases the chance of taking out a loan anyway. The disadvantage of the mini loan is that the maximum loan amount is “only” $ 1,500. And that a mini loan must always be fully repaid with 62 days.

Taking out a loan without BKR testing

Taking out a loan without BKR testing

 If you want to borrow money without BKR testing, taking out a loan becomes a lot less simple. Most providers only work with BKR testing and registration. The only loan that you can take out without BKR registration is only the mini loan. This is a loan up to a maximum of $ 1,500 that you must repay within 62 days.

Take out a cheap loan

Much about taking out a loan, but how do you make a cheap loan possible for you. That in itself is not very difficult. You have already chosen in what form you want to borrow money. Once you have chosen the form, it is a matter of requesting various offers. Requesting a quote for your loan is free of charge and without obligation at all times and does not commit you to anything further.

Therefore, make sure you always request at least 3 quotes. In addition, it is important to choose the cheapest providers, of course. In most cases, these are Spin Lender and credit intermediaries that are affiliated with the NVF. Incidentally, always check whether the provider of your choice is in possession of an AFM license.

Where to find cheap non-bank loans?

Wondering where to take an online loan? Of course, where you pay the least. Just what to look for when browsing non-bank companies and how to calculate the cost of the loan? You’ll find the answer later in the article. Check if you know all the ways to get a cheap loan.

Cheap non-bank loans – what are their characteristics? Cheap non-bank installment loans – is it possible? Cheap loans – how to calculate their cost? Are cheap loans the best? The cheapest loan – what to look for? Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

Some do not want to, and others for various reasons can not take a loan from the bank. Cheap non-bank loans are the solution for such people. Fast online loans are becoming more and more popular.

Minimal formalities, low costs and short waiting time for money – these are not the only benefits that non-bank loans bring.

Cheap non-bank loans – what are their characteristics?

Cheap non-bank loans - what are their characteristics?

A comprehensive approach should be taken to choosing the best loan. A person comparing cheap non-bank loans should become familiar with the specifics of such loans, i.e. pay attention to their individual components that make up the total cost of the loan.

The most important parameter is the amount of the loan and another equally important time for which we draw the commitment. Both of them shape all costs borne by the borrower for taking out the loan. So what are the characteristics of cheap loans?

Low amount

The standard amount for which you can get a cheap loan is 3,000 USD. However, there are loan companies on the market that offer much more, even USD 6,000. It can, therefore, be assumed that most often cheap loans are granted in the range of USD 100-6000. The offers of non-bank institutions rarely contain larger loans.

Short time

Cheap short-term loans are granted for 15, 30 or 60 days. Each company individually sets the loan repayment period, which is why you can often face certain restrictions. For example, borrowers who borrow money for the first time can only benefit from a 30-day repayment period.


To get a cheap loan it is necessary to meet all formal requirements, but there are not many of them. It is usually enough to have Polish citizenship, over 18 (for some loan companies, 21) and have your own bank account.

Cheap non-bank installment loans – is it possible?

Cheap non-bank installment loans - is it possible?

The popularity of non-bank loans is growing from year to year, and the number of loan companies is also growing. Due to high competitiveness, companies try to fight for a potential borrower in various ways, e.g. by offering attractive loans with relatively low costs.

Lenders also often use special promotions for new customers. That is why cheap, non-bank installment loans are absolutely possible. It is worth being aware, however, that the cheapest non-bank installment loans are usually intended for reliable customers who can boast of unquestionable credit history.

Cheap loans – how to calculate their cost?

The total cost of the loan consists of several factors. These include interest, commission, insurance and additional fees. Therefore, to calculate the total cost of the loan, you must add together all fees resulting from taking out the loan, including those for using additional services.

A cheap non-bank loan has not the lowest interest rate but the lowest APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate), which includes all the costs listed.

In practice, the cheapest non-bank loans are those taken entirely over the internet. There are no additional fees for taking an online loan. However, if, for example, you decide to take a loan with a money delivery home, you will be charged additional costs.

Are cheap loans the best?

Are cheap loans the best?

The APRC indicator informs us about the total cost of the loan. However, we must be aware that the loan period affects the APRC, so when looking for the cheapest offer, you cannot focus only on the APRC itself.

It is most reasonable to put together offers of different loan companies with the same amount and repayment period and compare individual costs. Then we will have black and white, which offer is the cheapest.

The cheapest loan is not always the best loan. Let us remember that the payday pay offer must be tailored to our needs and financial capabilities. The loan repayment schedule also influences the profitability of the loan. The best loan for us will be one that does not burden our budget too much, and paying it back on time will not cause any problem for us.

The cheapest loan – what to look for?

One of the most important elements to which attention should be paid is the abovementioned APRC. This indicator informs us about the costs that we will incur when we decide to take out a loan. An APRC of 0% tells us that the loan is completely free. New customers can usually count on this offer.

When reviewing the offers of non-bank companies, you need to pay special attention to costs, but not only. For people who care about time, the waiting time for the transfer will also be important.

Those who anticipate problems with paying off the loan should also find out if any possible repayment delay is an option. It is best to read the regulations of the selected loan company, where you will find answers to all the questions bothering us, e.g. what are the consequences of non-repayment of the loan.

Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

Where to find the cheapest non-bank loans?

At present, virtually everyone’s loans are at your fingertips, even those in debt or those whose applications for a cash loan were rejected by the bank. The only question is where to look for cheap loans? The current ranking of non-bank loans may be helpful.

All you have to do is set parameters such as the loan amount and repayment period, and you will see a transparent list of the cheapest installment loans on the market. These types of rankings are constantly updated, so by browsing the search results, you can be sure of their authenticity.

Bank offers credit for artificial insemination.

Often a child is part of a couple’s real happiness. Starting a family is a very special wish for many, but it is not always fulfilled. What remains is an artificial insemination in order to fulfill the desire to have children. But such treatment costs money and the health insurance companies only pay about a 50% subsidy. The own contribution that a couple then has to bear cannot be paid from the current budget, one decides to take out a loan for artificial insemination.

The location and the outlook

The location and the outlook


Statutory health insurance companies pay three attempts, but do not pay any additional costs if the interventions are unsuccessful. However, if the couple would like to continue trying to have a child, the cost of the artificial insemination loan must be paid for. However, the couple should already know that the further treatments are not cheap. If the couple qualifies for a loan, the bank will also approve an IVF loan.

If the couple should know that health insurance companies will undertake three attempts, they must be married. If there is no question, the costs must be borne alone. Many couples are considering going to the house bank with the loan request. But there is a danger that the reason for the loan will be asked. Of course, not everyone wants to entrust artificial insemination to a stranger. To get this done immediately, there are loans from direct banks or online banks.

There, the couple can practically take up an anonymous loan for artificial insemination. If an installment loan is considered, it does not have to be earmarked, but can be used freely. Before deciding on a bank, a loan comparison should be made. This is also easy and free on the Internet. After entering the loan amount, the term and the possible installments, the couple can see all providers at a glance.

The loan application can be made directly via the loan comparison and an immediate non-binding loan approval is made based on the data entered in the application form. Then the loan application is sent, which has to be signed. The further way is that the necessary credit documents such as pay slips from the last three months and the account statements from the same period are sent by post,

The Postident procedure is then carried out at Swiss Post. This is a personal identification based on a valid ID card. This certificate with the creditworthiness documents goes back to the bank. The final loan approval is then given after checking the documents after a few days and with it the instruction of the money.

This quick credit for artificial insemination is only possible because many of these banks use an automated verification process. If the customer meets the conditions of the bank, the loan is approved. However, if only one of the three approval criteria is missing, the loan application falls outside the bank’s grid. The bank has the strictest requirements from which it does not deviate. With a house bank, a reason for rejection would be the bad Credit Bureau.

But if you have a personal conversation with a bank employee, the negative entry could be explained and invalidated. If it is a soft feature like a forgotten and unpaid bill, the house bank could agree to the artificial insemination loan. If the couple’s economic situation is correct and no other payment problems have been observed, the loan will probably also be approved.

The conditions

The conditions


The conditions that banks require for an artificial insemination loan are the same as for all other loans. A sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment-free limit must be demonstrated. The pair would have to earn at least 1,600 USD net so that a attachable portion is available. The attachable portion is then 80.00 USD. The Credit Bureau must be unencumbered, ie it must not have any negative entries. A permanent position is also required.

When it comes to artificial insemination loans, the bank can usually assume two incomes. Most of the time, the two partners work full-time, which of course is sufficient credit protection for the bank. However, this can change after the birth of a child. But this situation remains outside. However, the couple should know the amount of the loan so that the loan can also be applied for. The health insurance company takes on three attempts, the rest is reserved for the couple.

It is advisable that the loan amount is not under-calculated. You can’t make these attempts forever, but the loan should be adjusted accordingly. It would also be important to determine in advance how many attempts you would like to try.

When it comes to artificial insemination credit, the focus should not only be on the interest rate. A cheap loan is also characterized by special repayments and one or two installments. If special repayments are noted in the loan agreement, the loan can be redeemed early without the bank being able to calculate a prepayment penalty.

Credit planning

Credit planning


Before applying for a loan, you should find out whether a loan fits into the monthly budget at all. The couple can find out with a budget. There all income and expenditure are compared. If there is financial scope, it could be used in part for a rate. Financial experts advise not to use the financial scope entirely for one rate. One speaks of a third, the rest should be put aside.

Especially when planning a child, the couple face unexpected costs that could then be met with the financial buffer. The thought should also go there, a child comes, a partner probably takes parental leave and often stays home afterwards to raise the child. Of course, some income is lost. Therefore, you should always choose a loan installment that remains affordable if the financial situation changes.

Just think of unemployment, which is often unexpected today. The consequence of the wages will be considerably lower. However, what no one hopes, of course, a serious illness can occur, followed by long sickness benefits. Even then, the income will be lower. The couple should also know that the longer the term of a loan, the lower the rates. The shorter the term, the higher the rates. If the couple has an excellent income, they could opt for the second option and the loan would then be paid off faster.


Loan for house renovation is a sufficiently high income and a permanent position

Anyone who owns their own home knows that there are often jobs that involve quite high costs. Think of new windows or floors here. Since these costs can usually not be paid from the current budget, the owner thinks of a loan for house renovation. The owner can choose from several types of financing.

Renovation requirements

Renovation requirements

Whoever rents out rental apartments or houses is usually determined exactly how often a tenant has to renovate. Of course, these requirements do not apply to a homeowner. They can decide for themselves whether they want to wallpaper or lay new floors themselves or whether they should hire a company to do so. As a guide, it is assumed that the kitchen, bathroom and shower need to be renovated every three years. Living room and bedroom every five years.

Even the homeowner can adhere to these guidelines, because after all, the property should be repaired and thus also gain in value. Anyone who adheres to this can build up corresponding reserves or create a financial cushion with a home savings contract. But what is the right loan for a house renovation?

The renovation loan – the possibilities

The renovation loan - the possibilities

The customer could opt for a renovation loan. This is nothing more than a dedicated installment loan. Not to be confused with consumer credit that is not tied to a specific purpose. The customer can proceed with him as he wishes. The loan for a house renovation is very much in vogue, also for energy-related measures on the property. This includes energy-saving windows and insulation systems. These measures also include new, energy-saving heating. If the owner decides to do this work, he can receive funding.

Before applying for a home renovation loan, the loan needs should be determined. This is done with cost estimates for the upcoming work. The owner can freely decide on the financing based on the offers. If the customer does not receive any funding from Best bank, for example, he can apply for a renovation or modernization loan from the bank. The funds from the development bank are available after the work has been carried out.

However, the funds must be applied for before the work is carried out. These loans are not processed through Best bank Bank, but through another bank. Many owners stay with the house bank, especially if the real estate financing of the home was made there. Then there is the possibility to take the renovation loan on the house loan. The rate can often remain as it is, especially if the loan amount is not too high. If the customer takes this financing into consideration, the house bank is of course the best contact.

Anyone who decides on the earmarked renovation loan must of course submit some documents to the bank. Think of cost estimates that the customer should get in advance. So he also has the loan amount in his sights. The banks basically want to see collateral when lending. With a normal installment loan, this is usually the sufficiently high income.

The property could serve as security for the renovation loan. Thus, the loan for a house renovation could be entered in the land register, advantageous if the borrower is the owner of the property and no longer has any debts on it. The bank therefore has security with the entry in the land register. However, if there is a constellation that the customer is not the sole owner and there are still debts, the bank does not have the necessary security. Then there is the possibility to name a second borrower or a guarantor.

The loan for home renovation – the installment loan

The loan for home renovation - the installment loan

An installment loan, on the other hand, is not earmarked and can be used for everything. Here, the bank does not require precise information about the use of the loan. Anyone who decides on the installment loan should definitely carry out a loan comparison. Experience has shown that it is not the local banks and house banks that have the best conditions. Of course, the house bank has the advantage that you know each other and have been a customer for many years. The personal advice at the house bank should not be forgotten either. Herewith she makes up for any unfavorable conditions.

If you opt for an online loan, you don’t have to do without a personal interview. Other media are available here, such as telephone contact or email and chat. The usual bank opening times are available for questions. However, the online bank provides much better conditions. The customer should be careful with the interest rate shown, because the interest shown there is not relevant for every customer. The customer only finds out the interest rate that applies to him when he offers a personal loan.

The customer should know that the interest rate is based on creditworthiness. If the customer has a good one, he will also receive a favorable interest rate. Of course, online banks comprehensively check the customer’s creditworthiness. Especially when the loan amount for a house renovation is slightly higher. If a suitable provider was found, the loan application can be made directly. A corresponding form is prepared for this, which the customer only has to fill out and send to the bank.

If the preliminary check is positive, the borrower receives a preliminary loan decision. However, the final loan approval is only given when the bank has checked the necessary credit documents. If the documents such as pay slips, bank statements and a copy of the employment contract are compiled, the customer should ensure that the documents are complete. If a document has to be requested later, the loan approval is delayed.

What is important is the Postident, the personal identification based on the identity card that can be carried out at the post office. The certificate is then sent to the bank with the documents. The faster the documents are sent by post, the faster the loan approval will come.

The loan for a house renovation – alternatives

The loan for a house renovation - alternatives

If the customer’s creditworthiness is weakened by negative entries in Credit Bureau, he can opt for a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. A prerequisite for this loan for a house renovation is a sufficiently high income and a permanent position, which should have existed for at least one year.

Many customers use the overdraft facility as a loan for a house renovation. Almost every bank customer has called the overdraft facility – in short, overdraft facility. Banks provide it to customers who have a regular income. Usually three net monthly salaries are granted. However, the overdraft facility is an expensive loan and should only be used if it can be repaid quickly.